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The first ultra triathlon
in Russia!

SIBERMAN race is attractive for participants from Russia and for foreigners. The course passes along unique Siberian locations, the Sayan mountains, the steppes of Khakassia, and real Siberian taiga. This unique challenge attracts athletes ready to test themselves in the toughest format of the triathlon.
06-08 august 2020
Russia, Abakan city
Dates of event:
Aug 06-08, 2020.

Competition is held in:
Russian Federation, Abakan and Minusinsk cities

Stage 1 (Day 1): 10 km swim (Tashebinsky quarry, four 2,5 km laps) + 145 km bike (start at Tashebinsky quarry, finish on mountain of love (Samokhval) in Abakan.
Stage 2 (Day 2): 276 km bike (start on the border of Abakan, finish on the viewing ground on Bratsky bridge, in Abakan).
Stage 3 (Day 3): 84 km run (start and finish in Minusinsk).

Stage 1 swim
Stage 1 bike, elevation: 930 m
Stage 2 bike, elevation: 1480 m
Stage 3 run in a pine forest, elevation: 470 m

Rules and Regulations:
Rules and Regulations (Individual participation)


Registration is now open for 2020.

Participation in the race is possible only at the invitation of the organizers. On registration day each applicant must be a former IRONMAN finisher not earlier 2018 year or have experience of other endurance events not earlier 2018

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1. Where is the race held?
The race is held in the South of the Krasnoyarsk territory, in the Republic Of Khakassia, in the outskirts of a small town of Abakan (GOOGLE MAPS).
2. Where are athletes, their teams and organizers staying?
Our Accommodation Partner is Business Hotel "ASIA" 4*

1. Booking at a standard ratewww.asia-hotel.ru

2. Booking with 10% discount
Email: welcome@asia-hotel.ru message subject: Siberman/Сайбермен (provide your first and last names, Check In and Check Out dates and time. You will get booking confirmation)

Pre-event Briefing is held Business Hotel "ASIA" 4* in conference hall. Siberman team is staying at this hotel.

Business Hotel "ASIA" 4* presentation
3. Where is each Stage start?
Start of Stage 1 (swim) is 15 km from Business Hotel "ASIA" (Tashebinsky quarry coordinates 53.671032, 91.340642), There is also Transition at Start\Finish of Stage1. Finish of Stage 1 bike is on Mountain of Love (Samokhval, coordinates 53.700603, 91.515406), the boundary of the city of Abakan, 7 km from Business Hotel "ASIA".

Start of Stage 2 (bike) is on the border of Abakan,10 km from Business Hotel "ASIA" (coordinates 53.679175, 91.367640), finish is on the viewing ground at Bratsky bridge (coordinates 53.632644, 91.554476).

Start and finish of Stage 3 (run) is in Minusinsk, Textilny pr., 24.
~ 25 km from Business Hotel "ASIA" (coordinates 53.698320, 91.654750).

Stage 1 swim
Stage 1 bike, elevation: 930 m
Stage 2 bike, elevation: 1480 m
Stage 3 run in a pine forest, elevation: 470 m
4. How can I get to Abakan city?
You can either take a plane, train or car to Abakan. You also can get to Krasnoyarsk (by plane or train) and then by car to Abakan (410 km).

Plane ticket
From Moscow to Abakan ( ~370 $)
From Moscow to Krasnoyarsk ( ~210 $)

5. Where can I rent a car?
We advise you to book a car in advance, especially if you do it in the city of Abakan, there is not a very large fleet.

http://www.prokatov.ru - can bring/take the car to Abakan ~ 350 $.

http://прокатавто19.рф booking is available only a week before start (they won't give you booking earlier), 9 cars are available: Renault Logan, Nissan AD, Toyota Rated, Land Cruiser.
6. When am I to arrive in Abakan and to leave it?
All the participants are to be in Abakan on Aug 05, 2020. They are expected to take part in Pre-event Briefing at 17.00, Business Hotel "ASIA" (Abakan city, 114 b.1 Kirova str.)

We offer a cultural rehabilitation program for all participants and their team members on Aug 09. On Aug 10 the participants can leave Abakan.
7. Which rules regulate the race?
SIBERMAN is governed by The official competition rules for Ultra Triathlon distance.
To download the rules from the links below:

Competition rules for personal participation
Nikolay Tregubov
Race Director
+7 (902) 924-99-98
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